Coquette Millbrook and Lord Harlington grew up side by side in his father's care. The elder Lord Harlington became Coquette's guardian after her parents' deaths. Now, according to the terms of the late Lord Harlington's will, she and Harley both might lose their inheritances—unless she is married by the first day of May!

Coquette never planned to marry and, indeed, her plain appearance brought her scarce few prospects. So Harley can hardly believe his eyes when his troublesome ward is transformed into a ravishingly beautiful woman, thanks to the wonders of fashion and the ministrations of his fastidious aunts. There are only two obstacles to an advantageous match for her: Harley's growing feelings of love and Coquette's steadfast refusal to accept her fate with decorum.

King provides bright banter between her two main characters. MY DARLING COQUETTE is a humorous Regency tale of beauty hiding under a bushel basket, although the heroine's flights of nervousness seem a bit out of character. (Nov., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck