Julianna will risk anything to free her people from the powerful curse that forces them to live as sea people. For her mission to succeed, she must lure their enemy into falling in love with her and then betray him.

Cole knows that with his family's loss of the stone known as the Sea Opal, their good luck is lost. He's devoted his life to finding the missing stone but also finds it time to marry a woman of good gypsy blood.

When Julianna arrives posing as a prospective "bride" he's immediately enchanted. Shy, beautiful, alluring and vulnerable, she is just what he wants in a wife.

Julianna knows she treads a thin line and must not fall in love with Cole, but that becomes impossible. With their betrothal ceremony her fate is sealed.

However, there is another way to break the curse and Julianna and Cole must find the secret to the sea opal in order to free themselves and their people.

I was drawn into MY ENCHANTED ENEMY as easily as a child pulled into a fairy tale. Ms. Fobes had me truly believing in not only the magic, but in the love that heals all wounds. It is a true storyteller's gift to make the reader a part of their tale and Ms. Fobes possesses that special magic. SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin