Image of My Fair Mistress: A Novel


Image of My Fair Mistress: A Novel

Warren delights with the first volume in a new trilogy. Her gift for creating very sexy, poignant romances should endear her to readers -- and ensure their reading pleasure all night long.

Lady Julianna Hawthorne vows to secure her brother's debts to financier Rafe Pendragon. She doesn't know how high the price will be, but there's no denying that she's drawn by the aura of danger and passion that surrounds him. Shockingly, she agrees to be his temporary mistress.

Rafe is stunned when the prim widow accepts his outrageous terms, but he's ready to take full advantage of their arrangement. It surprises them that so much pleasure can be found in one another's arms, and their sizzling seduction has more than the desired effect. Julianna becomes addicted to Rafe's passionate demands, and he is totally enraptured.

As the lovers revel, others plot to destroy Rafe. Julianna is in danger by association, and Rafe must choose between desire and revenge. (Ballantine, Nov., 411 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin