Christopher Wesley, the Marquis of Daxonbury, travels to Yorkshire to find out why the family has not heard from his aunt for several months. His aunt, Lady Miranda, is involved in a sort of home cottage industry of making lavender-filled pillows with two other lady partners.

Dax becomes suspicious that the recent string of bad accidents that befell his aunt and now her disappearancemay have a perpetrator behind it. In the meantime, Dax falls quite head over heels and hopelessly out of his depth with one of her partners, Miss Desdemona Quiggley, an unconventional and intriguing young lady. Add to this the story of Dandy Dan, the would-be, bumbling highwayman, and you have a madcap adventure with a host of delightful characters.

This Regency-set romance has it allmystery, love, witty dialogue, wonderful characters, and a plot that sprints. It would be a disservice to this delightful book to say that Dax and Desdemona are the hero and heroine when Ms. Lansdowne has created a veritable panoply of engaging characters whose escapades run trippingly across the pages. Even the animals are given amusing personalities. The sparkling wit of this novel frequently had me laughing out loud. SWEET (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer