Tyra (Cub of the Wolf) is a warriorshe dresses like a man, she fights like a manshe even scratches like a man. After her father is injured, she vows to search for the finest healer in the world. When she finds him, she throws him over her shoulder and carries him to her home.

Adam the Healer is a Saxon by birth, but also part Viking (the adopted son of Rain and Selik from Hill's The Outlaw Viking). Though Adam has forsaken his healing skills, he is attracted to Tyra. Perhaps it is the two years of forced celibacy? Regardless, Adam makes a bargain with Tyra: he will do his best to save her father's life if she will agree to spend the entire night with himnaked on a bed of furs.

When they arrive at Tyra's home, Adam discovers another small problem. Her sisters cannot marry until Tyra weds. Noting Tyra's attraction to Adam, they begin plotting.

The men are scheming too, because they want Tyra and Adam to marry. But Tyra wants nothing of marriageshe plans to go to Byzantium to join the Royal Guard. So how does a healer go about winning a warrior's heart?

MY FAIR VIKING is another entertaining story in Ms. Hill's Viking series, though it does not have as many of the laugh-out-loud scenes that I have come to expect from Ms. Hill. Still, readers will be happy to meet old friends from previous stories, and modern women will enjoy Tyra's independence and relate to her dilemma of career vs. marriage. A great read and a "keeper" for me! SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager