With a sprightly sense of humor and loads of giggles Ms. Britton makes
a charming debut. Lucy is too hapless at times, but really quite adorable and Garrick is a marvelously gallant hero. The fast pace, rapid dialogue and action-adventure keeps the pages flying and readers highly entertained. It's a delight to find a fresh new voice in the genre.

A lightening strike sends captain Garrick Asquith-Wolf, Marquis of Cardiff, straight to the Pearly Gates where he is given an opportunity to earn his way into Heaven by becoming Lucy Hartfords guardian angel.

No one needs a guardian more than Lucy who is a calamity waiting to happen. Her latest venture involves rescuing a boy from evil relatives. Its just her luck Garrick catches her as she falls out of a tree. It seems he is continually saving the hapless miss as she gets into one scrape after another, dragging him with her.

Even though Garrick knows there is a hands off policy, he cannot help kissing Lucy and she does her very best to steal those kisses. But Lucy has no idea that she is jeopardizing Garrick's chances to complete his mission and obtain eternal peace.

From London to the high seas, to ballrooms and cabins, Garrick battles the devil as he tries to keep Lucy safe from his enemy and out of his heart. The final battle for Garrick's soul is one readers will never forget.

(On-sale Feb., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin