After years of mourning her missing husband, Chaz, Kelly Vincent is about to move on with her life. Five years ago, archeologist Chaz and his guide, Garcia, went missing in the Amazon jungle. Last week a judge finally declared Chaz deceased, and today Kelly has a very full schedule. First up, she's marrying fiancé Spencer Preston, and later that afternoon there's a memorial service for Chaz.

Things are proceeding just as planned, until the not-so-deceased Chaz turns up at his own funeral. It seems that all these years Chaz and Garcia have been held captive by a pygmy tribe, and after finally escaping, they have returned to civilization.

Now Kelly has a big problem on her hands—two husbands. With both Spencer and Chaz pressuring her for a decision, Kelly flees, leaving her husbands to take matters into their own hands. Spencer and Chaz agree to allow each other one full day alone with Kelly. Let the games begin.

Taking a page from the movie classic My Favorite Wife, McCutcheon dishes up a delightfully amusing and wacky comedy. Over-the-top fun and humor make this a screwball classic! (Dec., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith