Faith has been running away from Patrick Flynn for 10 years, so when
her ditzy sister, Skye, pleads for help, Faith doesn't want to go home. But she
invested in Skye's bar, so home she goes to protect her investment, only to learn that Flynn is also a partner—and still smarting from their breakup. The sparks fly, of course, and Faith struggles with
her feelings for Flynn while desperately trying to right Skye's business wrongs.

Kendrick bolsters this basic plot with amusing supporting characters, including Faith's old high school nemesis, Sally, and a lecherous lit teacher, Ian. Both are at the center of some truly funny scenes.

Faith and Flynn have a lot to work through: Faith has to deal with the
consequences of her actions 10 years
earlier, while Flynn grapples with trust issues and his own mistakes. They're
a likeable, easy couple to root for, but Kendrick doesn't make their solution easy in this entertaining debut novel. (Aug., 304 pp., $13.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter