Denise Cooke is helping a friend find a wedding dress at Filene's Basement's annual "running of the brides" sale. Her friend is taking a Positive Thinking 101 course and she needs a dress to turn her dreams of love and marriage into a self-fulfilling prophecy. When Denise finds a dress too beautiful and cheap not to buy, she wonders if she too is harboring desires she thought long gone. She's already been married, to Sergeant Redford DeMoss, in a quickie Las Vegas wedding she had annulled almost immediately. The marriage had been an impulsive act, fueled by lust, and totally unlike her—a total mistake. But now the IRS wants to audit their joint return. Unusual for series romance, My Favorite Mistake (4) by Stephanie Bond is told in first person and has great writing, an unusual premise, humor and heartwarming characters. But because it's all in Denise's point of view, it's hard to completely understand Redford.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor