Image of My Favorite Phantom


Image of My Favorite Phantom

This lighthearted ghost story is amusing but has little substance. The Ghostbusters references to being slimed wear thin,
and the characters seem a little silly and immature. On the plus side, you get to cheer for an underdog, and there's plenty of hot sex and a happy ending for more than just the main protagonists.

When ghost hunter Kaci shows up at Peyton's door, he's unsure of Kaci's ghostbusting ability, but she does raise more than his spirits. Besides, he has only a couple of weeks to get rid of the ghost before his important faculty dinner, and she's the only game in town. Kaci's not used to working on a deadline, and she thought the professor would be old and stodgy -- not a super-hottie. What's a girl to do? (BRAVA, Jan., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan