Hockey legend Jason Goddard is on a possibly permanent hiatus due to a knee injury. His wily grandmother Bessie Pickering Hazard, head of a charitable foundation, plans to make full use of his recovery period by placing him in charge of fundraising activities to keep the organization afloat. Bessie also hires a new assistant for Jason with a proven fundraising track record.

Solitary white witch Kira Fitzgerald is seriously tempted to "do harm" after she catches her fiance in an affair with her sister. Eager to get away from them, Kira takes a new job. She suspects working with the "Best Kisser in America" will be challenging, but she's surprised to find herself enjoying Jason's sense of humor. Both are stubborn and continually knocking heads, but they are determined to raise the necessary cash. Jason has the idea of selling tickets to the "haunted" Rainbow Edge mansion. The only problem is that the mansion isn't really haunted -- or, at least, they don't think it is. Despite Jason and Kira both swearing no commitments, their passions and hearts keep getting in the way.

This warmhearted story is a delight, filled with highly appealing characters sure to touch your heart. The magic in the air spotlights the humor that's intrinsic to the story. A definite charmer! (Jan., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith