Image of My Favorite Witch


Image of My Favorite Witch

Plumley's talent shines through in
her wonderful worldbuilding and
attention to detail. However, the
central conflict's reliance on the
heroine's relationship with her
parents and a return to high school, though meant to evoke someone
who's trying to come to terms with
her past, reads instead like she's
reliving it, having learned nothing
the first time. If this book were
written and intended for young
adults, these qualities would
have added to the story and not detracted from it.

Dayna Sterling left her small town as soon as she graduated from high school, and never looked back. But as a witch she is approaching the stage of her life where her powers come into full effect. And in the tiny community of Covenhaven, Ariz., it has been decided that cusping witches must all be taught as one class. Which means Tracker TJ McAlister is sent to bring her home. And what they will find there is nothing that either of them expects. (ZEBRA, 354 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Stacey Agdern