Image of My Foolish Heart (Deep Haven)


Image of My Foolish Heart (Deep Haven)

Warren returns to the familiar town of Deep Haven with new characters, yet the same faith-filled romance. Readers will sympathize with Issy’s troubles and rejoice with her as she takes steps to overcome them. This is a truly delightful tale straight from the heart.

After the tragic accident that killed her mother and confined her severely injured father to a nursing home, Issy Presley doesn’t venture far from the safety and security of her home. She secretly hosts a radio show called “Miss Foolish Heart,” dispensing advice on love and romance to listeners. Yet she has never really had a relationship with a man. But that might change when Caleb Knight moves in next door. Is love with the boy next door a possibility? (TYNDALE, May, 325 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel