Canham can take any era, locality and cast of characters and write a story you'll never forget. With this passionate, exciting tale, she takes us from the desert sands of the Crusades to the chill of England.

Excommunicated and branded a traitor by the Knights Templar, Ciaran Tamberlane cares only for the people living on his land, and when his village is attacked, he vows to find those responsible for the carnage.

Among the ruins, he finds a woman who may hold the key to his quest. Amaranth de Langois, an obedient wife fleeing a brutal husband, is being followed by mercenaries who leave destruction in their wake. When Ciaran brings her to his keep, she feels safe.

Duty precludes that Ciaran return Amie to her husband, but honor compels him to protect her. Her presence brings him out of his self-imposed exile, but falling in love with her is more dangerous than a Saracen's blade to a man who hides from life and love.

As the danger and passion mount, Canham builds the tension and the adventure simultaneously. Her talents shine as courageous Amie draws Ciaran out of the shadows to redemption while they fight the evil that follows her. Canham ignites the pages, and you'll love being burned by the power of her latest! SENSUAL (Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin