Image of My Front Page Scandal


Image of My Front Page Scandal
As the Martini Dares miniseries continues, conservative Bostonian Brooke Winfield joins the Martinis and Bikinis women's club when she decides she's tired of her well-bred but boring self. Now a window designer, Brooke is carefully unearthing her wild side. She's in the window late one night when she tries on a scanty, sexy dress. That's how she meets David Carerra, a baseball player with a scandalous reputation, when he crashes his motorcycle outside. He's someone the conservative Winfields would never accept, but before Brooke's Martini dare is over, she'll become the scandalous one. My Front Page Scandal (4), by Carrie Alexander, is fast, sizzling hot and fun if not innovative.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor