An uplifting tale of a novice angel who brings color back into Logan's bleak life and restores his hopes and dreams. Ms. Dorsey proves her versatility and talent by exploring a new realm, and gifts her many readers with a mesmerizing, memorable conclusion to her outstanding MacQuaid brothers trilogy.

Lady Rachel Elliot has to linger in limbo after she is mistakenly called from this world. She is given a second chance, but earning her way back to the living by saving the life of Logan MacQuaid is not an easy task. The guilt Logan carries over the death of his wife and child has caused him to retreat from civilization.

When Rachel first appears to Logan he is clinging to a precipice and does not believe that she is an angel. He thinks he is only fantasizing.

When Rachel is abducted by Logan's sworn enemy, the heart-broken hero is forced to relive the horror of his wife's death. However, Logan emerges the victor and in the aftermath his confidence is reborn.

Logan and Rachel travel to Charles Town where Rachel finds the man responsible for her friend's death and her situation. Rachel means to have her revenge, and with Logan's love as her guiding force her quest ends in a stunning climax.

(May, 429 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor