Mary McBride's MY HERO reaches an enjoyable balance between realistic challenges for heroine, hero and secondary characters, and an almost fairy-tale sense of place, where people have good intentions and deserve happy endings.

Holly's lifelong obsession to be a television producer can come true if she returns to small-town Texas. Her project is a biography of secret service agent and hero Cal Griffin, who is recuperating from a gunshot wound acquired while saving the president's life.

Soon, Cal comes to recognize that life holds more riches than simply returning to the Secret Service and, like Dorothy in " The Wizard of Oz,"Holly realizes that Texas might be worth clicking her heels three times to get to.

Cal and Holly are more self-aware than many romance characters— their reasons for resisting romance are believable and their self-knowledge is a refreshing change from characters who are mystified by their every impulse or thought. For a little trip over a rainbow to Texas, get carried away by MY HERO. (Jun., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo