Image of My Immortal (Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1)


Image of My Immortal (Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1)

While not a page-turner, this is an intriguing, rather unique story with a captivating hero and an innocent heroine. The characters develop nicely and the ending is well done. The female demon is an interesting secondary character, which leaves a desire to hear her story.

Damien made a bargain for eternal life, and for the past 200 years his job has been to promote sin, lust and selfish sexual desire. However, he no longer takes his own pleasure; he couldn't live with himself if he did.

Marley is searching for her sister. Damien promises he will watch for her at his next sex party -- one he warns Marley away from. She attends anyway, and discovers a strong attraction to Damien. Amazingly, she resists him and wants to have him only on her terms. Both know a real relationship is impossible, especially when Marley learns the truth about Damien, but love doesn't recognize obstacles. (Jove, Sep., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley