Image of My Immortal Promise


Image of My Immortal Promise

This moving story about
the redemption of two very different people has inspirational overtones. Its exploration of moral redemption and righting a wrong turns this into a gut-wrenching, emotionally intense tale with a lasting impact.

Hannah is being beaten to death by her husband when a spirit transforms her into a "blood witch," an immortal being with the power to heal. The drawback is that she must have fresh blood to remain alive. Drake MacKay promised his life to Hannah in exchange for saving a relative's life, and allowing him to seek revenge prior to killing his enemy, Luthias. Hannah releases him from his promise, but when he learns of a plot to attack her, Drake forces her to leave her island with him.

After 80 years of loneliness, Hannah has no desire to exist -- until they learn that Luthias is alive and obsessed with killing Drake's remaining family. As they endure hardships and emotional pain, they grow to understand their own failings and build a relationship of trust and love. (Pocket, Nov., 325 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin