Image of My Immortal Protector


Image of My Immortal Protector

Holling crafts an enchanting and action-packed adventure/romance that will
thrill readers. She secures her place as
a writer of unique talent and a storyteller extraordinaire.

Deidra MacKay comes from a family of healers, but her ability as an animal whisperer causes her unhappiness. She longs to lose this skill and believes the legend that her powers lie with a pact forged by her ancestors and a vampire.

Deidra believes if she can find the vampire she can be "normal." She seeks out Stephen Ross, a reclusive cripple who might hold the answers she seeks, and they journey to find the one who made the ancient blood pact. Stephen is fascinated by Deidra, and he makes her feel safe. Their greatest danger comes from a witch hunter who wants every MacKay dead. Once the lovers find the one they seek, will their journey lead them to salvation or greater danger? (Pocket, Mar., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin