The day arrives when convent-bred Gabrielle Redclifts fianci sends for her. She has only seen Sir Cyprian Avendall once, but has been his betrothed for years.

Abducted on the way to her wedding by Avendalls enemy, Morgan Chalstrey, Gabrielle makes many attempts to escape. Yet each time her captor manages to bring her back.

Though Morgan appears to be an outlaw, he is actually exacting revenge for Avendalls cruelty to his beloved childhood friend, Rebecca. Gabrielle is merely a pawn in her husbands scheme.

Though he would never hurt the innocent young women, Morgan knows Gabrielles reputation will be shattered as will her naive dreams of the brave Avendall.

Gradually Gabrielle learns to trust Morgan and believes his stories of Avendalls brutality. She decides to side with Morgan, whose heart she hopes to capture.

Though there is nothing new or different in this medieval romance, Lael St. James (aka Linda Lael Miller) tells a strong story peopled with engaging characters (especially the old nun), lively action and enough of everything readers want to provide an evenings entertainment. SENSUAL (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin