As the border wars rage between England and Scotland, Lady Sorcha Hay finds that she must kidnap a warrior to save her clan and her brother from Englishmen like the treacherous Simon Treacher.

Wounded in battle, Ruari Kerr has little choice but to be carried home and held for ransom by the beautiful, brave woman. Though he might be her captive, Ruari plots to woo her into his bed.

It is both a gift and a curse that all the Hay women possess unique powers. Sorcha's is the ability to see and hear spirits of those who have died. It is a ghost who encourages her to explore her newly awakened sensuality. In fact, her spirit thwarts Ruari's attempts to escape and thrusts them together.

Their mutual passion fuels their love. When Ruari is ransomed by his kinsmen, he leaves Sorcha feeling betrayed, his pride injured by her parting words.

At the first chance, Ruari seizes the opportunity to abduct Sorcha, but his plans go awry when more Hays appear. The ghost of his ancestor pleads for Sorcha's help and their mutual enemy plots their downfall. Pride wars with passion before Ruari and Sorcha discover the greatest prize of all.

Anna Jennet's fine hand creates a marvelous, enjoyable Scottish tale complete with paranormal ingredients, humor, a colorful cast of characters, a vibrant backdrop and a sensual romance. Relax and relish this jewel. SENSUAL (May, 346 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin