After her parents' sudden death, wealthy Alison Cunningham attends a seance to contact her father. Instead of her father, Alison gets stuck with Lady Caroline Lamb's ghost. "Caro" feels she has been maligned through the years and wants to prove that Byron truly loved her. She pressures Alison to buy Dewhurst Manor, where she says a copy of Byron's memoirs is hidden.

Antiques expert/appraiser Jeremy Ryder learns of the memoirs' possible existence through more conventional means and convinces bank officials to appoint him to appraise the manor's contents. Alison's intended purchase of the estate puts a crimp in his plans, but Jeremy won't let an upstart American keep him from the find of the century. The two trip over each other as they search the manor, neither trusting the other's motives. If only Lady Caro could remember where she hid the document!

Alison is in a bind when the man in charge of her trust, with his own agenda, attempts to block her purchase. The race is on and the prize could change a bit of history-at least if one mischievous ghost has anything to say about it.

Spellbinding new author Jill Jones continues to carve out a unique niche with her captivating, unusual novels. MY LADY CAROLINE is a bewitching ghost story that explores the tantalizing possibility of a new explanation for well known historical events. An author to watch! (June, 338 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith