Tomboyish Gwyneth of Wulfere defies her brother by disguising herself as a boy and riding off to battle to avoid marriage. She's confident her ruse has worked until she confronts her one-time hero, Rorke of Valmond, who uncovers her identity.

Rorke isn't prepared to be anyone's hero now, but he realizes that the only way to save Gwyneth from an unwanted marriage is to marry her himself.

Though she has believed she'd rather be a warrior than a woman, Gwen suddenly wants more than anything to win Rorke's love. As this butterfly emerges from the cocoon, readers are given a delightful, poignant, funny and captivating romance.

MY LADY KNIGHT is quick-paced and filled with appealing characters. This oft-told tale may not be new, but it is always fun to see a man fall prey to a woman and vice versa, especially when she can restore peace to his wounded heart and soul. SENSUAL (Dec., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin