Lady Claire de Coverly wants her freedom. After five years of marriage to a brutish lout, she returns home to find her cowardly brother and tyrannical uncle scheming to use her to their own advantage-again. However, she strikes a bargain with them.

Followers of Queen Matilda, they believe that with her talents for both English and French, Claire can infiltrate Alain of Hawkswell's keep, kidnap his children and force him from making an alliance with King Stephen.

Lady Claire, playing for her freedom and the chance to avenge her cousin, Lord Hawkswell's wife's death, agrees to their plan.

However, when she learns that her late cousin was not what she seems and that Lord Hawkswell is a handsome and kind man, Claire's heart does a turnabout. Now she doesn't know what to do. Her uncle has spies everywhere and the children are in danger.

The sensual Alain doesn't know what to make of his feelings, either, or the way his children have taken to the woman who is more of a mother to them than their own. Danger threatens all around and it seems that all the characters are at an impasse.

Ms. Grant has written a sensual, fast-paced story, a real page turner in MY LADY MIDNIGHT. Her command of history is compelling and accurate, a thoroughly enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Nov., 296 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer