The second installment of Ms. McMinns series, The Sword and the Ring, tells Elayna of Wulferes story. Elayna escapes betrothal to a man she doesnt love by running off to make her living with her writing and penmanship. In the forest, she is rescued from a wild boar by Gray of Wood. Could she be so muddled as to believe that this remarkably familiar man is her first and only love, Graeham of Penlogan, long presumed dead?

Saving Elayna can only bring Gray trouble, but he cannot leave her to die. In the closeness of a cabin in the woods, the star-crossed lovers recognize each other and realize that must face the past to have a future.

Ms. McMinn crafts an excellent romance, with just the right degree of tension and passion. This is a rich story, filled with the mores of medieval England, wonderful secondary characters who cry out for their own story and love that endures through lies and treachery. This will keep you warm and turning pages on a cold winter night. SENSUAL (Nov., 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner