Rich, eccentric and determined are perfect words to describe Anne Delamere, who kidnaps an earl to make him marry the cousin whose affections he has spurned.

The Earl of Staverton has cultivated his persona as an unregenerate rake, the Infidel, to cover his real purpose as a spy for the British crown.

When Miss Delamere's kidnapping threatens to interfere with his mission, he is forced to tell her all and accept her help in a daring escapade. He is little prepared to fall head over heels for the lovely adventurous Anne, and she is dismayed to find that the Infidel threatens to break yet another heart-her own!

Rip-roaring excitement, bloodthirsty adventurers, wild escapes and laugh-out-loud humor make Valerie King's MY LADY VALIANT a treat to be savored. (Feb., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck