While safe in the abbey that has been her home, Meg Redclift longs for adventure and worries about her sister Gabriella (My Lady Beloved), fearing she is in danger. However, the dangers of the outside world intrude upon the abbey when a wounded knight, Gresham Sedgewick, is found within the abbey walls. Meg takes it upon herself to nurse the stranger and is stunned by her powerful attraction to him.

Gresham has no memory of who attacked him or why. There are other fragments of his life he does not remember and he fears what kind of man he might actually be. Until he can regain his full memory, Gresham will not indulge his desire for Meg.

When illness strikes, they are forced to flee the abbey and embark upon a journey to discover where Gabriella has gone and to uncover Greshams past. Their quest has them evading the plague and mysterious attackers, having many encounters with a strange mummer, and finding danger at every turn of the road.

Dovetailing perfectly into this latest tale of the Redclift sisters. Lael St. James paints an accurate portrait of medieval life (plague, mummers, what travelers encounter on a journey) somewhat like a Chaucer tale. However, the conflict within Greshams mind, his fear of his true nature, seems long-winded and becomes strained as a reason for denying his passion for Meg. Yet, as a lover of medieval romances I found this to be a highly enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin