Sara of Fernstowe has despaired of finding a worthy husband. When one of King Edwards most trusted knights is wounded in an attempt on the Kings life, Sara takes advantage of the situation. She requests to wed the knight lying unconscious in her care. King Edward agrees and they are wed while Sir Richard of Strode lies senseless.

Furious upon waking and discovering his life has taken a drastic turn, Richard proposes to make the best of the situation until he finds a way out. As he comes to know Sara, he finds her to be an enigma. Cheerful, with witty comments and a fiery, passionate nature, Sara is far from being an ice-maiden. Richard is determined to uncover her motives for marriage.

When his children arrive, Richard is positive Saras true nature will be revealed. He is surprised when Sara proves to be an excellent mother, her love and care for the children genuine. Could it be that her professed feelings for him are heartfelt as well?

Trouble is brewing along the border, as someone is determined to lay blame on the Scots and Richard is in a quandary. The leader of the renegades is his half-brother.

As Richard probes deeper into the mysterious raids, and the dangers become more life-threatening, he discovers the rare gift he has in Sara, and will fight to keep her for his own.

MY LADYS CHOICE is a light, fun read wherein the power of love wins the heart and soul of a cynical lord. SENSUAL (May, 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor