Valentine Sinclair, Earl of Dare, plays a dangerous game: is he a fop or a hero? Is he a rogue or a savior?

Valentine appears to be both when he wins Elizabeth Carstairs in a wager at one of Londons infamous gambling halls.

For two years, Elizabeth has been trapped in Henry Bonnets web of treachery and intrigue, acting as his hostess and his spy. She sees no way out until she is won by Sinclair and installed in his home as his mistress.

Elizabeth wonders at Vals unexplained disappearances and his sincere concern for her well-being. She gets a few answers the night she removes a bullet from his side. Yet she refuses to place her trust in Sinclair, fearing that telling him the truth would be pointless and dangerous. All that can happen is that like Elizabeth, Sinclair will become embroiled in exposing a blackmailers espionage ring.

Sinclair suspects that Elizabeth is a spy and he watches and waits for her betrayal, yet he vows to find a way to free her from her own terrible imprisonment.

Gayle Wilson infuses her story with three-dimensional characters and intriguing plot twists that kept this reader glued to the pages. The colorful backdrop and Scarlet Pimpernel-type intrigues were just the right touches to add depth and mystery. SENSUAL (Jun., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin