Outside Vannes Keep, young Elysia Rougemont awaits her groom, the elderly Count de Vannes, Jacques St. Simeon, when she meets his nephew, the sardonic Conon St Simeon, heir to his
uncle's fortune.

Though Conon is impressed by Elysia's beauty, he's sure she's not
as naive as she seems, but a woman
trying to gain his uncle's fortune while cheating him out of his. When Jacques dies on their wedding night, Elysia becomes a widow, powerless against
her guardians' plans to once again
use her for gain.

Conon inherits Vannes along with
his uncle's enormous debts. Left with his sword and passion for Elysia, his desire drives him to enter a tourney
for the lady's favor...but it's not an
easy task.

Rock seems to have taken a little
of A Knight's Tale and mixed it with a medieval ballad to create a quick, light medieval romance that gives readers a glimpse into the era and a woman's place in the 14th century. SENSUAL (Jun., 250 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin