Julia Justiss delivers a compelling story of secrets and trust and of how two people come to share the former and learn the latter. Upon the death of her father, Gwennor Southford's cousin Nigel wants to sell her to one of his vile cronies and then keep her mentally challenged stepbrother locked in the attic. With the aid of some gypsies, Gwennor plans their escape.

Gilen de Mowbry, Viscount of St. Abrams, is bored and has accompanied his brother, Alden, to the nearby Gypsy camp for gambling. A brightly dressed wench wearing a scarf across her face, leaving only her startling violet eyes visible, attracts his attention. Her actions seem both shy and bold, which inflames Gilen's curiosity and prompts him to steal a kiss. Later, when Gilen returns, the gypsies have vanished without a trace.

Six weeks later, Gilen encounters another violet-eyed beauty—this time, a lady of quality. But there's something familiar about those eyes…

Ms. Justiss's characters are engaging and pull you into the story. Even though the pacing is a bit slow in parts, I wanted to know what would happen next and didn't want to put the book down.

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera