In another entertaining, uniquely plotted, Regency-era novel, Julia Justiss introduces her heroine to milord by having the widowed Valeria Arnold interrupt Teagan Michael Shane Fitzwilliams's amorous, sexually charged encounter with her maid. Fitzwilliams hovers in disgrace on the fringes of the ton because his mother eloped with an Irishman and because of a scandalous affair he was involved in at Oxford. His reputation now earns him Valeria's interest; she's counting on him to be just the man who might show her what passion is all about.

Known as "Jester" to the reputable gentlemen with whom he makes his living gambling, Teagan carefully cultivates his sullied reputation as strategy and as defiance. His attraction for Valeria, and hers for him, begins with the passion generated by Valeria's curiosity, then grows into love. Teagan must now find a way to restore himself to his rightful place in society so that he can offer Valeria the marriage and life as an accepted lady that she deserves. Top-notch writing and a perfect ending make this one easy to recommend. SENSUAL (Jun., 270 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger