Peach Smith works as cook, maid and waitress at the Scurlock House in Coffeyville, Kansas. A little in love with the handsome Bob Dalton, she realizes that he will never love her. She also knows that Bob and the rest of the Dalton Gang are up to no good.

With a crippled shoulder, sheriff Will Wesley performs his job to the best of his ability and spends the rest of his time drowning his pain in whiskey. He admires and watches out for Peach and warns her about Bob Dalton.

When the gang, with the exception of Emmett Dalton, are killed trying to rob the bank in town, Peach tries to hire Will to find out who notified the law about the robbery. Gossip soon spreads about the stash of money the Daltons buried and of Peach being Bobs girl.

Unfortunately someone believes the rumors and puts Peachs life in danger. In trying to protect her, Will finds himself falling in love and the feelings are returned. But Peach is one stubborn female and determined to find the person responsible not only for Bobs death but for warning the townspeople of the gangs plans. What repercussions will follow when she discovers the truth?

Ms. James writes a realistic story of the waning days of the Dalton Gang, cousins to Frank and Jessie James, and of the brave lawmen who were willing to sacrifice life and limb to put an end to the outlaws terrorizing innocent people. SENSUAL (Nov., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond