In the tradition of her previous medieval romance My Rebellious Heart, Samantha James sweeps readers up in a tide of action, adventure and heated passion during the turbulent era of the Norman Conquest.

The illegitimate daughter of the Lord of Brynwald Keep, Alana has been raised in the forest, revered and feared as the village healer. She alone stands up to the conquerors knight, Lord Merrick, and finds herself taken as his slave.

Proud and fiercely possessive, Merrick is reluctant to admit his growing attraction to the defiant Alana, but no matter how often she tries to escape or fights him with rapier sharp words and icy demeanor he always brings her back to his bed.

Slowly the fires of anger turn into a blazing passion and when treachery causes Alana to be captured by marauding Danes, Merrick rides to reclaim the woman who holds his heart.

MY LORD CONQUEROR is a powerful battle of wills Medieval romance in the great tradition of The Wolf and the Dove. Readers will be highly entertained by the snappy dialogue and quick pacing of this strong tale that combines memorable characters with sizzling sexual tension and an intriguing plot. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

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