The French Revolution stole everything from Claudia Valemont. To avoid Madam Guillotine, Claudia flees to Scotland to search for the father she's never seen. When her coach breaks down in a village, Claudia makes a grave mistake and is arrested.

As a renowned hangman, Jack usually avoids trouble, but when he sees a beautiful woman being held for a minor crime, he asks that she be remanded to him to complete her sentence of three months labor.

Now Jack is saddled with a spoiled, sassy-mouthed woman who teases and tempts him, but who steals his heart. Claudia finds Jack to be kind and generous, a man she can easily love, but she is determined to find her father and be free of her indenture. Little does Claudia realize that locating her father will place them all in danger.

MY LORD JACK is a wonderful, character-driven romance that will delight, captivate and touch your heart. Jack is an unlikely and marvelous hero and though Claudia is spoiled, her courage and spunk prompt admiration. The fresh plot and emotional depth add another dimension to this dynamic tale. SENSUAL (May, 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin