Oh, yum, yum! Revenge is sweet, but in this pirates tale with a classic marriage-of-convenience plot, its positively sublime! Debut author, Ms. Renken rivets us to the page with Talon Drake, a wronged nobleman out for vengeance. For starters, he plans to ruin his enemy, the governor, by stealing his precious bride-to-be right from under his corrupted nose. Her ransom will buy back his good name.

When she defies him, hes amused. When she shoots him, he faces execution.

Regan Welles has come to hate Talon Drake for what hes done to her family. Her parents died at his hands, and now he wants to steal her brothers bride, Arabella!

When the miscreants stole into the governors mansion and grabbed her instead of Arabella, she did what she had to. Yet now that Talon faces the gallows, Regan is confronted with a whisper of truth that could destroy them all.

Regan is one of the most enchanting heroines to emerge in a long time. A perfect mate for Talon, she is as unpredictable and compelling as her male counterpart. Even the expert sleuths out there wont be disappointed by MY LORD PIRATE: the plot is tight, the action mesmerizing, the characters a blast to witness. Brava! SENSUAL (Jan., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black