Black Otter, a Leni Lenape chief, has been forcibly removed to England at the bequest of aging scientist Sir Christopher Thornhill, who hopes to win the Queens favor.

He believes that by capturing a native in the New World, he will provide the queen with a weapon for use in trade against the Spanish and the Portuguese. His daughter, Rowena, is determined to take care of her Lord Savage.

Black Otter realizes that Rowena holds the key to his escape and a trust begins to develop between them. Rowena does not see Black Otter as a savage, and he sees her as a desirable woman, even though she is considered a spinster at 32.

Sir Christophers death and her rapacious uncles arrival cause problems. Uncle Edward discovers John Savage and Rowena in the stables, and threatens Johns life. To stop him from hurting John, she agrees to marry Edward.

Will John be able to save Rowena from her uncle? Can they forge a new life together in a new world?

This plot is certainly not new, nor are the characters. Just the motivation for obtaining Black Otter has a different spin. However, if the coming together of two cultures holds an appeal, this may interest the reader. SENSUAL (Jul., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner