Immortal vampire Gideon Ravel has been sent back to the mortal world from beyond the Veil to protect the guardian of The Medallion. A protective device that separates the vampiric world from the hungers and desires of the mortal world, The Medallion is entrusted to the care of a mortal woman, Simone, who does not understand its power. Neither does she know the danger that threatens her from the rebel band of vampires who want to conquer the mortal world. Simone, beautiful yet tragically scarred by her past, cannot understand the strange and otherworldly man who has captured her attention and wants to lay claim to her heart. Indeed, her very soul seems to respond to his caresses. But each is hiding terrible secrets from the other, and it may take a threat to her immortal soul and the very existence of her world before they dare to trust in each other's love. Debbie Raleigh has a triumphant new Regency with this first tale in a proposed trilogy called Immortal Rogues. Tender and terrifying by turns, MY LORD VAMPIRE (4) is an exciting breakthrough book for Regency fans who also enjoy the dark allure of the preternatural. (Aug., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck