Image of My Man Michael (SBC Fighters, Book 4)


Image of My Man Michael (SBC Fighters, Book 4)

Foster creates an intriguing view of an earthly future, though lack of history
keeps this world from appearing realistic. Those looking for another contemporary romance involving the members of the SBC will be disappointed. The hero is arrogant but does improve over the course of the story. There is bit of mystery and some fascinating secondary characters.

The accident that destroyed Michael Manchester's fighting career introduces him to Kayle Raine, a woman of the 23rd century. Sent back to find a warrior to save a people who have become physically weaker over time, Kayle offers to completely heal Michael's injuries if he comes with her. What she doesn't explain is that he will have to pick one woman to have a union with -- and it can't be her.

She soon discovers that although Michael is a good warrior, he's stubborn about women. It's not long before Kayle is at war with Michael to keep the identity and respect she's fought for. (BERKLEY, Feb., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley