Image of My Noble Knight (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of My Noble Knight (Zebra Historical Romance)

Readers who enjoy the Arthurian legend, tender romance and an intricate plot will have a pleasant time reading this tale of love, but history buffs may find several linguistic inaccuracies

Deidre has been entrusted to find the lost stone of Arthur and return it to its rightful home. On her journey she is waylaid and threatened with rape but saved by the warrior Gilead. He takes her to his home, where her rescuer's father betroths her to the man who attacked her in order to form a political alliance. She begs Gilead to help her break the proposed handfast as she continues her search for the lost stone.

Gilead's ailing mother -- who someone is trying to poison -- the machinations of his father and a visiting woman warrior all hamper her efforts to find the stone and break the handfast. Time is running out, and Deidre must put Gilead out of her heart if she hopes to accomplish her chosen duty, even if that means a life without love. (Zebra, Jun., 432 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith