Image of My Notorious Gentleman (Inferno Club)


Image of My Notorious Gentleman (Inferno Club)

The men of the Inferno Club have made their way into readers’ hearts before, but

none quite so smoothly as Lord Trevor Montgomery — a hero who doesn’t believe he’s worthy of the title until a very smart, innocent lady shows him the truth. Some readers may find Grace Kenwood too good to be true, but others will see her as the only heroine equal to the hero and applaud Foley for her unconventional storytelling. Foley places these two characters together in a charming, heartwarming love story that pulls fans into the tale.

Lord Trevor Montgomery — spy, pirate and seducer — buys a tumble-down estate in a quaint village after meeting the delightfully outspoken Grace Kenwood. Grace looks out for everyone but herself, and though the jaded Trevor should find that tedious, he delights in Grace’s candor and the sweetness of her kiss. Grace has no illusions that the dashing Lord Montgomery will look in her direction — after all, every woman in the area has set her sights on him. However, it is Grace he wants. So, Trevor sets out to find the way to Grace’s heart — even if he has to “hire” two young rapscallions, dance with clinging lovelorn girls and help her in any way he can. Grace shows Trevor that he is the hero the world believes him to be, and he gets the chance to prove to Grace that she’s the woman for him. (AVON, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin