Double identities and secret agendas collide as two cat burglars vie for the same precious gem in a scintillating tale from master storyteller Katherine ONeal.

Everyone believes the dashing Italian nobleman is the catch of the seasoneveryone but Kitty, who senses something about the sensual man; something that reminds her of her childhood rescuer Cameron. But Cameron died long ago in India, while trying to save her life.

Everyone knows Kitty is the most daring aviatrix in all England, but no one knows that by night she sneaks into the houses searching for the fabled ruby that will set her father free from prisonno one, but the Tiger, a thief whose desire for the jewel matches her own.

As Kitty and the Tiger match wits and skills, it soon becomes obvious that there is more to their thievery than meets the eye. Kitty is convinced that the Tiger is Cameron, come back from the dead. Her quest for the truth leads her into his arms, into danger. Playing a dangerous game of deception they return to India to recover the stone. Caught in a clever and vicious mans trap Kitty and her Tiger discover many truths, the magic of love and their mutual honor and respect of the exotic land of their youth.

Excitement mounts and passion sizzles as the story takes a hold of readers hearts. Katherine ONeal brings grace and sensuality to a thrilling and cleverly plotted story destined to keep readers on the edges of their seats. Spirited dialogue, unexpected twists and turns and simply fine storytelling hallmark this keeper. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin