Abby Lee knew it was a long shot but because of her boss Harrison Montgomery's past kindness to her, she feels compelled to try. Harrison's company is on the verge of bankruptcy and only desperate measures may save it. The one man who is an expert in solving such problems, Ethan Maddux, happens to be Harrison's illegitimate son and top rival.

Knowing that Abby is trying to save his father's company both angers and intrigues Ethan. But something about her awakens new emotions in Ethan and so he agrees to take a look at Montgomery's books.

As Ethan lives in San Francisco and Abby resides in Chicago, distance should be a problem. However Ethan is relentless in his pursuit. Abby is a package deal since she is raising her 13-year-old sister Rachel, following the unsolved murder of their parents. Ethan's sudden interest in Abby and possible interference in the Montgomery Company is arousing all kinds of emotions in a variety of individuals including some who are not so benign.

It is always a joy to discover a hot new talent and MacKenzie Taylor qualifies on all counts. MY ONE AND ONLY is a gem of a story that is filled with emotion, passion and excitement. (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith