Since her mothers death, Magdalena Brown faces a harsh reality; only the benefactors generosity has kept her and her dear friend Anne from the streets. With nothing but dire choices left to make, the two friends reluctantly take a long-ago planned holiday.

Kidnapped by his fun-loving brother, the Marquis of Belmont is taken to the sea for a desperately needed respite from his heavy responsibilities. Heir to a vast fortune and a victim of his own fathers brutal betrayal of his mother, Adam has searched for years for an appropriate model of a wife. He never expects to find her dancing in the waves.

But that is what happens when he rescues Maggie. During the few days they have together, they develop deep feelings for each other. Anne also finds passion with Adams younger brother, James. Back in London, the lovers are separated by the status-conscious society. While Anne and James defy society to find happiness, Maggie and Adam must both lose someone they cherish before realizing how precious true love is.

Ms. Holts fine tale is carefully woven and crafted, rich in every detail and reminiscent of the genres masters. Filled with admirable characters that sweep us into their lives, we laugh and suffer with each turn of the page. For those readers who have sought a return to the languorous reads of old, this book is a must! SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black