In her third time-travel romance Linda Lael Miller takes a creative look at time-travel, exploring how and why Keighly and Darby love through time. Ms. Miller's reasoning is brilliant and will fascinate time-travel aficionados, but more importantly, this sexy, smart, heart-stirring love story fulfills romance readers' dreams. This is destined to be a favorite.

From the time Keighly Barrow was a little girl and saw a boy in an old mirror at her grandmother's Nevada home, she has never forgotten his face or his name: Darby Elder. Years later, Keighly, now engaged, returns to settle her grandmother's estate. When she again sees Darby in the mirror, she heads to the library for some research.

What Keighly uncovers is startling; even more surprising is that, through a tear in the time line, she lands back in 1887 in the now grown-up Darby Elder's arms.

The illegitimate son of the local madam and a wealthy rancher, Darby has led the life of a saddle bum and been dubbed an outlaw, but Keighly sees the goodness and compassion in his heart. The love that began when they were children has grown to a deep passion. They now have the chance to be together, marry and start a family; if only Keighly can change destiny so that Darby doesn't die in a shoot out.

(May, 305 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin