Mary Carolyn Ross, unwanted and desperate, decides to rob her wealthy father as he travels by train. She has the bad luck to be robbing the same train as the infamous James Gang. Clell Miller, reluctant participant in the train heist, wants to rid himself of the association of the James, so he plans to do some of his own burglary and ditch the gang.

Mary, with a huge bag of money, is on the verge of getting herself killed when she jumps the train, gets shot in the derriere and lands on top of Clell. Both claim the money bag and although soft-hearted, Clell hides her money and when he is sure she is out of danger, leaves her to her own devices. However, Mary will not be deterred. She finds the gang's hideout, determined to reclaim the loot.

Clell, knowing Mary Carolyn is unaware of the danger she is in, especially from the lecherous Cole Younger, claims she is his wife.

Ms. Davis' MY OUTLAW is touching, sensual and humorous. She portrays real and fictional characters with a reality that makes them leap from the pages. Her historical detail blends wonderfully with the story. MY OUTLAW is a must-read. SENSUAL (July, 380 pp., $4.99

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer