Unlike her sisters, Adele Wilson doesn't believe in love. She thinks she'll be perfectly content married to Lord Harold and living on his estate— until she's kidnapped and rescued by Harold's cousin, Damien Renshaw, Baron Alcester. He's a handsome, daring and sensual man who brings out Adele's secret desires.

From the instant he saves Adele, Damien realizes he's in trouble. Why did Harold send him instead of coming himself? Adele is temptation personified. Every time she innocently asks for his help, he sinks further under her spell.

Adele begins to understand the desire, heat and need created by love. But she and Damien won't hurt Harold. However, others are more than happy to stir up trouble. Harold's sister, Violet, and Damien's mistress cast doubts about Damien's sincerity. If only Adele could believe what her heart is telling her.

MacLean will delight her fans with this charmer. From first page to last, you'll be drawn into the workings of Damien and Adele's minds, the well-crafted setting and the Edith Wharton/ Henry James–style love story. SENSUAL (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin