Lady Lark is a tomboy who enjoys wearing chain mail and playing in the lists. But she is content to be marrying her dear friend Avenall, grateful that her sister is to wed Stoke de Bracy, Earl of Blackstone, known as the Dragon.

However, meek, sweet Helen does not attract Stokes attention; not the way Lark does. When he believes she might know something about several assassination attempts on him, he abducts the wildcat.

Lark is a match for King Richards Dragon. Her feisty spirit cannot be drowned out by his fire. Lark proves her merit time and again, but it is on the tournament field that her true beauty and courage shine.

Constance Halls refreshing medieval romance shimmers with humor and poignancy. Relationships take centerstage in this action-packed tale that sweeps you into the middle of an enjoyable captive/captor romance. SENSUAL (June, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin