Image of My Ruthless Prince (Inferno Club)


Image of My Ruthless Prince (Inferno Club)

Foley swashes and buckles with the best as she continues her Inferno Club series. Readers have been waiting for the enigmatic Drake to take the stage, which he does in this taut thriller that twists and turns with surprises. Yet even as readers are at the edge of their seats they are drawn into the tender and emotional love story that’s the backbone of Foley’s latest.

While everyone else may consider Drake, Earl of Westwood, a traitor to the Order, his childhood friend Emily Hunter travels from England to the Bavarian Alps to bring him home. The gamekeeper’s daughter is the only one who can rescue the young nobleman in body and wounded soul. As the head of The Promethean Guard, Drake holds a place close to the Order’s mortal enemy. Emily’s arrival throws his world into turmoil. He must keep her safe and unaware of his plans, but as their passion for one another grows the battle between good and evil, order and chaos begins. Emily will play whatever game Drake is engaged in to prove he is not a deserter, but when she is trapped in a vile scheme, everything they have is at risk. (AVON, Jan., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin